Chapter 04 - Know Your Worth And Feel Confident With Your Prices


In our online course The Freelancer's Business Bootcamp, we spend quite a bit of time diving into determining how to price your services which all ties into Knowing Your Worth.

Understanding everything you bring to the table as a designer and a business, including your education (which should always include online courses, webinars or design conferences), experience and expertise brings VALUE to your services. This value directly translates into your worth and more importantly, the confidence to charge what you're worth.

One of the hardest things for any designer to do is set their prices. Too high and you might be limiting yourself from the pool of clients you want to work with, too low and you're undervaluing your time and your worth.

In our course, we help you to break down all the variables so you can properly price your services and feel confident about your worth.

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Amy Bridgeforth