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I know that it's summer, but all this rain has made me crave all things cozy and I'm a layers girl so bring on the knit! For those of you who didn't have a time share or a condo in Hawaii this winter, Winnipeg reached an all time low in coldness being the chilliest winter since 1898 (that's right, you would have to be older than 116 to have experienced anything colder or maybe lived in Siberia). And because it was so blistering cold, all we prayed for was a) the snow to melt and b) please for the love of all that's holy, a hot summer. Well, the snow melt, eventually.

In addition to that lovely knit are some amazing accessories you've gotta get asap. One in particular that I absolutely love are the Warby Parker Duval glasses. I'm currently sporting the Winston's and I get non-stop complements. If I had my way, I'd own at least 6 more pairs. The other great thing about Warby Parker (besides having some of the best looking A Single Man-esk specks) is that they have a buy a pair, give a pair campaign much like Toms which is fantastic.

And speaking of fantastic, who doesn't love that Michael Kors Bedford Ostrich tote?! I must admit, I am not a huge fan of MK, but I need to own this. Unfortunately, it can't be found on the official site, but one might acquire it through some extensive eBay searching. 

Check out the links below to score yourself some of these fine goodies :)

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