Get the tools you need to run a profitable freelance design business from home.

Hey there 👋 My name is Amy and I’ve been the heart and soul of Clover & Crow for almost six years now. As you’re probably well aware, running your own business from home doesn’t come without its challenges.

When I first started my business I WISH I had someone (a mentor if you will) to give me advice, share tips and tricks, and help me get a handle on process, organization, and client management. That seriously could have saved me a whole lot of time and grief! Even though I’m so proud of where Clover & Crow is today, it took time as well as trial and error to get here.


There’s so much more to running a business than being an amazing designer like contracts, proposals, marketing, pricing your services…day-to-day things happening behind the scenes that have nothing to do with design.


Enter The Freelancer’s Business Bootcamp! This online course and workshop takes a deep dive into the day-to-day tips, tricks, tools and systems essential for running an effective (and profitable!) design business from home. I’ll walk you through ALL the tools we use here at Clover & Crow on a daily basis, share our past mistakes (and how we’ve grown and learned), and give you all the advice I wish I had from the very beginning!


Who is this course for?



Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been up and running for a while, this course will offer you insight into all the essential tools and processes you need to run your own business. Everything from pricing your services to marketing your business using our favorite social media platform; Instagram!


Here at Clover & Crow we offer both Graphic and Web Design, so our tools and systems have been tailored for both. I’ll walk you through everything from what you should include in you contracts to onboarding and managing projects with a task management program that will seriously change how you do business.


So whether you’re a graphic or web designer, this course is custom tailored to both industries with 17 chapters of recorded video, downloadable templates and resource links to help you implement all the tools and systems we use here at Clover & Crow!

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Let’s breakdown the curriculum, shall we?


I’m not exaggerating when I say so much of our time as entrepreneurs is taken up with the actual day-to-day tasks required to run a business. Having the right tools in place will not only save you time, but will help streamline your process so you can be more efficient with the hours you spend in the studio.

The Freelancer’s Business Bootcamp is chalk full of all the systems and tools we use here at Clover & Crow, which took us YEARS to figure out on our own. Here’s a breakdown of everything that’s included:



First steps you should take to look the part, building a service list and establishing your prices, and managing clients with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program.


Writing contracts that protect both you and your clients, how to send proposals that get approved, and invoicing dos and don'ts.


How to build a scheduling system that keeps your workload organized, onboarding clients with a task management program, and booking consults with a calendar app.



Starting a business account, creating an algorithm that gives your feed structure and direction with what to post, creating hashtags that convert, writing captions, utilizing story highlights, and posting tips and tricks.


The first contact with a potential client and how to respond, how to spot “red-flag clients”, key questions to ask during consultations (includes our own downloadable form!) and some final advice.


Passive income tools to help you build your online business and make money while you sleep, how to hire contractors and what to include in your contracts, how to raise your prices, navigating NDA’s and more!

Downloadable templates to help you implement these new tools as well as an in-depth course workbook, two live Q&A sessions where you can ask me anything, and access to a private Facebook group where we can all come together as a like-minded community.

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Oh hey! It’s me Amy, your instructor!

Oh hey! It’s me Amy, your instructor!

I’ve been designing for basically my whole career – in previous lives as an artist, illustrator, and hair stylist – and over the past 15 years as a graphic designer. My journey to start and then grow Clover & Crow into the thriving design studio it is now has been full of ups and downs. But I’ve found my passion in both beautiful and functional designs, helping people grow their businesses, and staying organized throughout the whole process. I'm so excited to embark on this journey with you to pass on my knowledge and help you succeed!


“A BIG thank you for your willingness to share! I’ve taken a few courses in the past but this one was exactly what I needed. Being able to see the process from the very beginning to the very end, from another designer’s perspective, was tremendously helpful. The scheduling system, client communication, explanation of your contract, even pricing your services has helped me realize where I need to invest my time in order to make my workflow more efficient and therefore make my clients happy.”


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Ready to register? Here’s the deets!


Registration for this course will open in August, 2019.
I will be providing two payment options for you to choose from:




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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the course officially open?

    Our second round of registration will happen in the third week of August for 1 week only!

  • How often will you be providing this course?

    We’ll be looking at re-releasing our course every 6 months or so.

  • How long will I get access?

    You can access the course as many times are you like for an unlimited amount of time. The course is also designed to be learned at your own pace!

  • Is this course relevant to other freelancers?

    Because the information in this course is a reflection of the tools we use, a lot of it will be relevant to our industry. But a large majority of the curriculum is surrounded around the general day to day running a business from home, things any freelancer would find value in! If you have any questions on discerning whether this course is the right fit, feel free to reach out!

  • I’ve been running my own business now for a while now, what can I expect to get from this?

    This course is great for anyone who is just starting up or has been running their business for a while because the name of the game is efficiency! I will be walking you through step by step all the tools we use here at Clover & Crow to help us run things as smoothly as possible (and cover us legally as well - super important!) Keep in mind, many of these tools we didn’t have in place until years after we opened our doors, because often you just don’t know until you read a blog post, stumble upon a webinar, make a mistake (that hopefully didn't cost you too much) or take an online course (ahem!) And I’ll tell you right now, we did ALL THE ABOVE! Maybe some of our tools help streamline things even more for you, or maybe you might be feeling super overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. At the end of the day, I can’t guarantee every single aspect of this course will be beneficial because there’s no way for me to know where each and every person is in their career. But I do know wherever you are in your journey, it’s always helpful to see how someone else is doing things, especially when you’re running your business all on your own. #communityovercompetition.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Since once you register for the course you have instant access to all course materials, all sales are final and non-refundable. But please let me know if you have any questions before signing up!