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So, you’re thinking of hiring a graphic designer - you’ve got an amazing idea, now you’re ready to look the part. While this can be a very exciting place to be, it can also be full of the unknown. Below we’ve compiled a list of common Q&A’s. And as always, if you ever need please reach out for more info!


Q: How much do you charge?

We have 3 different price structures; price per project, price per package and price per hour. Each project is unique, and as such will be charged accordingly. Our hourly rate is $150.


Q: Can a small company afford your prices?

We primarily work from home, and as such we don’t have many overhead costs. This allows us to offer a lower price point to our clients and keeps our services much more affordable than a brick and mortar or agency. We established our rates based on our years of experience, the quality of work delivered and how much it costs us in time and funds to create each project. Because of this, our work is much more affordable to small businesses and start-ups.


Q: How does the ‘One Concept Method’ work, and what does it mean?

When it comes to designing a logo, it’s been industry standard that designers deliver multiple concepts to their client. When this happens, inevitably the client will always pick their favourite, bringing personal preference into the design process. The problem with this is as the designer, we are not only creating a brand for our client, we are creating a brand for our clients target market. It does no good for a client or their business to love a logo that is not effective with their audience and doesn’t meet their market goals.

To bridge this gap, a strong foundation is key and so we always start every project off with a full consultation. Clients are then given a questionnaire and promoted to submit a Pinterest board so we can see what they’re naturally drawn to. Thorough market research is done to determine the clients target market, age range, trends and competitors. A brand strategy is then presented and approved before concept development begins. This way everyone’s on the same page, right from the get-go. From there, we start building the brand working with one comprehensive concept that meets all the necessary check boxes. This approach allows us to merge key goals that fit the clients niche as well as appeal to their own unique brand passion, delivering a fully comprehensive service that ensures the greatest value for the clients business needs.

Read more about the One Concept Method and why we believe it’s the best method for our business (and yours!)


Q: How long will I wait before I see my concept presentation?

This can depend on a few different factors including how many projects we have on the go and how quickly you can complete your client homework. More often than not, you will see your initial concept 1-2 weeks after receiving your brand strategy.


Q: If I have an idea of what I am envisioning for a logo, how do you go about that?

We always tell clients that we welcome their ideas and preferences; we use them for discussion points while we create their brand strategy and mood board, but it’s imperative to keep in mind that the ultimate end goal is to create a visual brand that is best for their business, and that may mean straying from their original idea. If all the client is hoping for is bring their exact vision to life, we’re probably not the right fit for them.


Q: I'm only wanting to have my brand "refreshed", would I still need to get the full Brand Package?

Yes! Even though you may already have a logo, all the steps and services we include in the brand package are still required. The only difference for us is what direction we take for the market research used to build your brand strategy and later your concept presentation. Whether you’re just starting out or an established brand, your deliverables would remain the same as well. For more on that, feel free to refer to our Branding page.


Q: Do you offer printing?

Though we do not offer printing services at this time, we do have a business account with a company called Moo and we highly recommend them! Moo is a British printing press that partnered with a paper mill in upstate NY. They produce very high quality products and have amazing customer service. Having a business account allows us to offer our clients 20% off on all products year round. Pretty sweet, eh?


Q: What software do you use for building websites?

We work with a program called Squarespace. They are an online website building platform much like Wordpress and Wix. How they differ is they are extremely user friendly as many of our clients prefer to manage their sites on their own after completion. They also offer beautifully crafted modern and minimal designs, all of which can be totally customized. Click HERE for more info.


Q: Is hosting included in my website package?

Hosting is a separate cost outside of your website package estimate. This is because your hosting is a re-occurring charge paid monthly or annually. This charge will not appear on your invoice with Clover & Crow, but is billed separately via credit card. See more information on full hosting investments HERE.


Q: How soon do I have to start paying for my hosting?

We are Squarespace Circle Members which means we have a six-month trial period, giving us the freedom to build on a more suitable timeline (standard is two-weeks). Once the site is ready to launch, hosting will then be billed via credit card.

Q: I’m a local Winnipeg Realtor® and I would like my listings to appear automatically on my website, can you do that for me?

Definitely! We would integrate your listings with an MLS widget offered through MyRealPage, a local Winnipeg company that offers website templates and listing widgets specifically for Realtors®. Though we don’t use their templates for building websites, we almost always incorporate their MLS widget so that your listings are synced and automatically uploaded to your new website as you uploaded them into the MLS platform. MyRealPage charges a one-time set up fee of $150 and then a $39 reoccurring monthly fee. These fees will be billed via credit card. Here’s an example of what the widget will look like, feel free to view on mobile and desktop :)


Q: Do you know how to code?

We have a fairly in-depth knowledge of coding, and can edit and write most things. If there is ever a need, we collaborate with a few developers who can assist us in more complex work. For this, additional charges may apply.


Q: I may not want to manage my website myself, can I hire you for that?

Definitely! We offer 2 types of management services; per month or per edit. Per month management services are for clients who need several edits a month such as blog posts, updated copy, sales and product updates, etc. This would be billed after a pre-agreed amount of edits is determined and then paid via post-dated cheque or e-transfer. Per edit management would be for the client who needed fewer edits, perhaps every couple months. This would be billed at our hourly rate.


Q: I don't have a domain name yet, how do I get one?

Not a problem! We would suggest creating an account with GoDaddy and buying your domain as soon as you can so as to secure it before anyone else does. We always recommend GoDaddy as they are the easiest to work with when transferring DNS settings (making your site live) and they also have great customer service. When purchasing your domain, we recommend buying both the .com and .ca. For example; if you own and someone else owns, your customers may get confused who’s who. We can set up DNS redirect so when someone types in .com when they should have typed .ca they will still be directed to your site.


Q: What if I'm not satisfied with the final product?

This is very rare, but in the event something’s just not clicking, you do have the option to sever our contract and pay us for any work completed up to date. Please refer to our client contract for more information.


Q: Why do I have 14 days to pay my final invoice when most vendors provide 30-60 days?

As we are a small business, we only take on a certain amount of clients per month and as such, we rely on our clients paying their invoices promptly. We do apologize if this causes any inconvenience.


Q: Do you accept credit cards?

Our preferred method of payment is E-transfer and on occasion cheques. Charging via credit card requires we pay transaction fees and to keep our rates more affordable, we do not inflate our prices to account for this. That being said, if paying via credit card is an absolute must, we accept payment via PayPal, but note there will be an additional 0.8% transaction fee included in your invoice.


Q: How do you deliver the final files?

Once the final invoice is paid, your files will be delivered via email or Dropbox link. Your shared Dropbox folder will be available for 30 days so make sure to store your files in a safe place!