In 2010 I spent a number of weeks living in Pune and Mumbai, India building homes and working in an orphanage. In this time I met many amazing people who, though they were poor and often starving, wouldn't pause to bring you homemade chai and show you their home (what little they had, if any). The slums of India are everywhere, smothering the country like a plague, but their culture and beauty persevere. The markets are packed full with merchants and shoppers. Blankets are laid out in the early morning with fresh fruit and vegetables for sale. Cabs will drive by with over a dozen people and their children crammed inside. Rickshaws zoom by, often barely avoiding a fatal collision. The country moves by at an insatiable pace, and I am just an outsider, observing, collecting memories, and falling in love with an ancient culture that is as much overwhelming as it is beautiful.