Landing Page Copy Form


Copy is just another word for text. When you visit a website you’ll see descriptive paragraphs, biographies and often call to actions (“CLICK ME FOR MORE INFO!”)

Landing pages are short and sweet, letting people know that you're working on an amazing new site! I will create a page that fits the look and feel of your overall brand, and then it's time to add copy! There's a few different options for what you can include in your landing page design.

Landing pages are a one page website that do not scroll. Below is an example, you can see that we want to keep things minimal while still offering information about your business. (Feel free to click the image to see more detail).

Fill out the form below indicating any elements you would like added to your new landing page:

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An option for collecting emails for product info, newsletters, release dates, resumes, etc.
If you don't have a Mailchimp account, you will have to create one. You will also have to create a new folder to house all your emails. Name it Landing Page Email Folder to make things easy!